May 5, 2018 - October 21, 2018

“I got double on my investment. Worth every cent and every sore muscle.I can't recommend Kava's 200-hour teacher training enough.” – Julie (2013 grad)

Continue your journey into Yoga with Kava’s 220 hr Teacher Training

Kava Yoga Strap Wall – Use this unique tool to create therapeutic and fun classes

Ayurveda – understand your dosha, how to integrate Ayurveda and Yoga

Sequencing – Learn the mindful way to create effective & intelligent classes

Asana – Learn dozens of postures, their purpose, proper alignment, safety & benefits

Anatomy – Teach safely & intelligently by learning about “anatomy in action”

Philosophy – Create the foundation for a lifetime of inspired spirituality

Pranayama – understand the purpose & benefits of different breath exercises

Practice Teaching - Teach to your fellow training students in a safe environment

Art of Teaching – Get prepared to give effective and inspiring instructions

Hands on Adjustments - Understand the qualities of a great hands-on assist



- $3,300; (Payment in full by January 1, 2018 earns a $300 discount)

- Payment plans are personalized for you. We simply ask that the total fees are paid in full by the last day of training. Please contact Lead Trainer Cindy Zackney at cindy@kavayoga.com to make arrangements. (No refunds will be given. Non-completion of the entire Teacher Training does not merit discounts or refunds)

- Full payment & attendance does not guarantee certification. Your dedication to learning & taking the training seriously will be heavily considered.

- Unlimited yoga classes at Kava Yoga are included during Training

- No hidden costs; all materials are included in the Training tuition

2018 Training Dates:

5/5, 6, 10 • 5/12, 13, 17 • 5/19, 20, 24 • 6/2, 3, 7 • 6/9, 10, 14 • 6/16, 17, 21 • 6/23, 24, 28 • 7/7, 8, 12 • 7/14, 15, 19 • 7/21, 22, 26 • 8/11, 12, 16 • 8/18, 19, 23 • 8/25, 26,30 • 9/8, 9, 13 • 9/15, 16, 20 • 9/22, 23 • 9/29, 30 • 10/13, 14 • 10/20, 21

- Training hours: Saturday & Sunday 2pm-6pm / Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm

- Satisfactory attendance, homework & class participation are required for certification.

- Qualified graduates are offered the opportunity to teach Community classes at Kava Yoga upon graduation.

- Trainees are offered class observations & assistantships with current Kava teachers

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The quality of the curriculum itself is really high… I was really impressed with how the program was structured so that we got deeper into our practice at the beginning, learned about proper alignment, did some sequencing, and then some practice teaching. By the end, I really feel like I could put a class together…
…it was worth every penny for me, and I think even if you don’t really want to be a yoga teacher it’s worth it. - Doug

Kava Yoga is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance. We believe the Yoga Alliance currently functions only as an expensive directory of yoga teachers and studios. It exists to serve itself. Teachers and schools pay an annual membership fee to be listed in their teacher directory, and receive no other direct benefits from the organization. Kava Yoga does not hire yoga teachers based on their listing in the YA directory. We audition teachers, investigate the depth of their training and verify that they teach at a high level of integrity. No other organization that we know hires teachers based on their listing in the Yoga Alliance directory. In years past we have not been satisfied with the quality of accreditation offered by YA because they have proven time and again that they will certify any school that can fill out a form, pay hundreds of dollars in fees and claim to be a yoga teacher training school. There is no quality control, no visit to the school, no integrity in the accreditation process. We guarantee that Kava Yoga’s curriculum is set above the rest; we take Yoga and the training of Yoga teachers extremely seriously. Yoga studios in Long Beach and other cities have complimented Kava trained teachers for their knowledge, professionalism and well-rounded teaching. If you want to see the 2-1/2” Training binder every participant receives during our training, ask us and we will walk you through it. Yoga Teacher Training is a big investment of time and money. Make sure you find one that meets or exceeds your standards.