200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training
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Do you know what Teacher Training Program you're getting into?

Yoga Teacher Training is a big investment of time and money. Make sure you find one that meets or exceeds your standards.

We believe wholeheartedly in our program. Click on the topics below to see actual Sample Pages from our training materials.

If you want to see the 2” Training binder every participant receives during our training, ask us and we will walk you through it.

Kava Yoga Strap Wall – Use this unique tool to create therapeutic and fun classes

Ayurveda – understand your dosha, how to integrate Ayurveda and Yoga

Sequencing – Learn the mindful way to create effective & intelligent classes

Asana – Learn dozens of postures, their purpose, proper alignment, safety & benefits

Anatomy – Teach safely & intelligently by learning about “anatomy in action”

Philosophy – Create the foundation for a lifetime of inspired spirituality

Pranayama – understand the purpose & benefits of different breath exercises

Practice Teaching - Teach to your fellow training students in a safe environment

Art of Teaching – Get prepared to give effective and inspiring instructions

Hands on Adjustments - Understand the qualities of a great hands-on assist