$10 for 10 Days Introductory Special

First time students to Kava Yoga enjoy unlimited yoga for 10 consecutive days. Drop in today & try your 1st class!


Class descriptions

$10 Community Flow 1-2: Affordable Vinyasa flow class taught by Kava’s newly certified teachers from the Kava Teacher Training program. (Teacher rotates occasionally). Helps to have 3-4 classes under your belt before joining this class, just so you’re familiar with some of the posture names and shapes. Pace moves consistently but gently. Come hang out with us for only $10.

Smooth Flow 1: The concepts in this class are simple, but we will still ask you to move. We instruct alignment of the body, and keep a flowy, continuous pace. The idea is to connect your breath to each posture, i.e. “Inhale arms up, exhale fold forward.” Instructive, with modifications offered. Rests encouraged. Helps to have 3-4 classes under your belt before joining this class, so you’re familiar with some of the postures.

Vigorous Flow 2: Work hard and keep breathing! Vigorous Flow is more of a workout than Easy Flow. More sun salutations and intermediate postures typically including an inversion, arm balance, back bends and lots of Warrior poses. Vigorous Flow teachers don’t expect perfection, but we do hope you are willing to be playful. Instructive, with modifications offered. You will sweat, and hopefully smile while you’re at it. A few months’ prior yoga experience is helpful.

Flow 2.5: A Flow class that’s tougher than Vigorous Flow. But don’t be afraid: We offer modifications to make things easier, as well as variations to make some postures harder. Class is taught with less instruction, because at this level the teacher trusts that you know what Half Moon pose is and where to put your feet in Warrior 1. There will be arm balances (plural) and lots of vinyasas, as well as a few weird postures you may not have tried in a while. Do what you can: teacher is challenging but supportive. You will sweat and be tired in Savasana.

Gentle Restorative Yoga: Trouble sleeping? Feeling anxious? It does take some effort on your part to get to Kava and sit on your yoga mat. But once you do, this class will settle your nervous system. Teachers create a calm environment with candles, music and very gentle yoga poses that are held for several minutes at a time. Perfect for beginners. Give yourself permission to relax!

Basic Hatha 1: Perfect for beginners! Basic poses are explained and proper alignment is taught to keep your body safe. If you’re recovering from an injury or just haven’t been active in a while, this is your class. The pace is slow, and our instructors know how to create modifications for anyone dealing with low back pain or other physical conditions. If you’re trying to just “start” – start here!

Strong Hatha 2: Beyond basic: If you've been doing yoga for a while, Strong Hatha will introduce more intermediate postures including inversions, arm balances and more Warrior poses. Moves at a slower pace than Flow, but includes the same challenging postures and focus on subtle actions in the body. Instructive, with modifications offered. Teachers are challenging but supportive. Come find out what your body is capable of!

Prenatal Flow: This is not your Mom’s prenatal class. You will move your body in this Flow-style class, but with all the modifications that make yoga appropriate for pregnancy. Taught by Long Beach’s only specially trained Prenatal Yoga teacher, even yoga beginners will be safe as you build strength, stretch all those muscles that feel tight and connect with your breathing (really important as you prepare for labor and delivery). Connect with other moms-to-be and ask our knowledgable instructor your questions about aches-and-pains that come along with pregnancy.

Sound Healing: Tibetan bowls, musical instruments, mantra & recorded music are used to create a healing vibration in this deeply relaxing class. Vibrational sound is an effective modality to help reduce stress & create a profound sense of peace & better health.

Yoga for Healing: Many things can create a disconnect between the mind & body – physical or emotional trauma, addiction, illness, or the stress encountered in everyday life. Yoga for Healing combines a mindful flow sequence, restorative postures and meditation, empowering participants to rebuild this connection, feel more grounded in the present moment, and regain a sense of safety and well-being.