Is yoga right for me?

“I’m not flexible enough” and other reasons people hesitate to try yoga

  1. “I’m not flexible enough”  - Very few of us start yoga with an ability to do every pose. Yoga does not require you to be flexible but it helps to be patient and keep an open mind. Flexibility develops over time. Don’t sweat it if you can’t touch your toes. Plenty of other people can’t do it either! We are confident that if you come only once a week for 5-6 weeks, you will notice improvements in your flexibility.
  2. “I have a bad back” – You’ve come to the right place! It comes highly recommended by many medical doctors, namely Dr. Andrew Weil who says “One way to help prevent further injury and lessen the symptoms of recurrent back pain is through yoga.” Yoga has been proven over and over again to heal a number of back ailments from sciatica to neck and shoulder pain, as well as other common injuries. It’s not a magic pill but with the right guidance and we promise you can start to feel some improvement after 5-6 classes. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Our teachers have 200 hours of training, which requires them to understand anatomy, proper body alignment and how to modify poses for specific injuries. In some cases, students’ tell us that their pain has disappeared completely. Contact us for an appointment if you want to develop a plan for healing a specific injury.
  3. “I’m really out of shape” – Staying disciplined with an exercise plan is not easy when we ride that roller coaster called Life. All of our bodies and lifestyles change over time. Kava is probably the most non-judgemental and supportive environment you will find for getting back into shape. At Kava we not only offer yoga classes but we also partner with Long Beach area fitness experts, massage therapists and other wellness professionals who can help you be the healthiest “you” possible! Contact us about designing a personalized wellness plan to meet your specific health needs.
  4. “I don’t know the poses” or “I’ve never stepped foot in a yoga studio!” No one starts this practice knowing it all. Kava wants to make your experience with yoga the best possible and every journey starts with one step. Come by for a visit, wander around our shop and feel free to ask our friendly desk staff any question you might have. Check out our “Arriving at Class” pointers, and feel free to contact us via phone or email.
  5. “My job/life is very stressful and I’ve heard that yoga will help calm my mind and nervous system so I feel less stressed.” The ancient practice of yoga has so much to offer us - relaxing postures (asanas), breathing practices, diet recommendations and meditation techniques for calming the mind, body and spirit. With regular asana practice it is reasonable to assume that you will sleep better, feel more energetic and calmer within weeks.
  6. “I want to lose some weight and I heard yoga is not effective for weight-loss.” Actually we hear yoga is great for weight loss( For optimal results we do recommend you balance yoga with other cardio workouts like walking, biking or swimming. You’ll find that our Intermediate and Advanced classes will give you a great cardio workout, but with all things you have to find an exercise regimen that works best for you. Make an appointment with us so we can design a personalized diet, yoga and lifestyle plan based in Ayurveda and Yoga to help you lose weight. (As with all exercise regimens, please ask your doctor before you start something new.)