Kava Yoga Retreat Italy 2021 Travel

How to get there

Swimming pool. Kava Yoga Retreat. Puglia, Italy 2019

Flying from the US

The ideal arrival airport is Bari (BRI). However flying to Bari in the summer can be pricey. You are welcome to shop flights to Bari. And we can arrange for you to be picked up and transported to La Rosa dei 4 Venti from Bari.

The most cost effective and typical path we have taken in our previous 4 years is to fly to Roma Fiumicino (FCO). There we arrange for a minivan to pick up our group all together and make the 5 hour drive directly to La Rosa. Your cost will be about $150 per person for the minivan.

Traveling from inside Italy

If you plan travel within Italy before the yoga retreat, we suggest meeting us at FCO Airport in Roma for the minivan ride, or taking a train to Bari Centrale (train station), where we can arrange to pick you up. Your cost will be about $150 per taxi ride for travel from Bari to La Rosa.