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Andrea Morgan

Hometown: Born in Fullerton, CA but I consider Long Beach my home.

Training:  Started practicing on and off since 1992, practicing intensely since 2006 and teaching since 2007.

  • Yoga Alliance Approved E-RYT 500-hour certification from YogaWorks Studios, Los Angeles CA
  • Daily practice with favorite teachers.

What to expect in my classes:

Most often I'll open class gently with focus on pranayama (breath) and a light meditation. Then I'll begin to heat the class by physically building my yoga sequence around an area of the body that needs to be strengthened or opened to support a chosen peak pose. I'll weave in thoughts and ideas to awaken the subtle body and mind while engaging in a rigorous yoga practice that will leave you stimulated physically, mentally and spiritually.

Favorite teachers:

Annie Carpenter, Joan Hyman, Steve Walther, Whitney Allen, Kia Miller, Lisa Walford, Birgitte Kristen, Mia Togo and David Lynch

Favorite yoga pose and why:

Utthita Trikonasana. It feels like I am taking the earths energy through my body and up to the heavens!

Cindy Zackney

Hometown: Born in Redwood City CA but Long Beach is my home!

Training: Practicing since 1990, teaching since 2003.

  • Yoga Alliance Approved E-RYT 500
  • 200 hour certification from YogaWorks Studios, Los Angeles CA
  • Yoga Alliance Approved 150-hour Advanced Teacher Training certification from Frog Lotus (Kerala India)
  • Intermediate Purna Yoga Teacher Training w/Aadil Palkivahla
  • 300 hour certificaiton form Satvik Sadan, a Vedic-style Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Bhimtal, India

What to expect in my classes:

My classes are typically guided by themes. Posture sequences are built for the purpose of opening certain parts of the physical body and subtle energy channels. I like to incorporate a philosophical theme as well, encouraging students to create a deeper internal awareness and stronger connection to the one’s own Divine Light.

Favorite teachers:

Aadil Palkivahla, John Childers, Denise Thibault, Malachi Melville, Paul Cabanis, Paul DeSilva, Kori Fletchner

Favorite yoga pose and why:

Ardha chandrasana. My body seems to like this pose lately, it makes me feel light and strong!

Del Leon

Hometown: Born in Los Angeles, CA, lived out of trunk, in the southwest, New Orleans, Ipswich, UK, northern CA, and some other places

Training: Drawn to yoga in 1996 in response to a dance injury. Began teaching in public schools in 2008, and yoga studio in 2009.

  • Yoga Alliance Approved 200-hour certification from Frog Lotus Yoga Costa Rica Intensive
  • Yoga Alliance Approved 150-hour Advanced Teacher Training certification
    from Frog Lotus (Kerala India)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, California State Univ. Long Beach (Dance Performance and Choreography
  • Certified Lymphologist
  • Health Coach

What to expect in my classes:

My yoga philosophy for myself and my students is to work sincerely, without taking it all so seriously. Much can be learned, let go, and overcome, with an open heart and an open mind. Whatever happens, “Keep Beathing”. Be kind to yourself and it is that much easier to be kind to others. Class is generally focused on spiritual attribute and a muscle group(s), such as forgiveness and releasing the hamstrings.

Favorite yoga pose and why:

Adho Mukha Svasana because it is always there, like an old friend and competitor... or maybe a family member. It is always there to work me hard if the practice is light and easy, and to lend support when the practice is intense.


Heidi Kuyper

Hometown: Munich, Germany, but Huntington Beach is my home.

Training: Practicing faithfully since 1993, but took my 1st yoga class with Rene Taylor in 1971. Teaching since 1998.

  • Yoga Alliance Approved with Diane Harmon in 1997 150 hours
  • Yoga Alliance Approved 200 hours with John Childers at his studio, Full Spectrum
  • I continue to deepen my practice by taking weekly yoga classes and workshops whenever possible

What to expect in my classes:

My classes are heart based. The first part of my class will get you in touch with your subtle and energetic body, with your breath through guided meditations, mantras and mudras. You will learn deep relaxation techniques. Expect to learn something new each time you come to my class. I hope to encourage a deeper awareness and understanding of your body, mind and spirit by integrating the postures to suit your body and it`s individual needs. Gaining knowledge of your true authentic self and divinity through the postures and learning to honor and respect your body where ever you are in your practice. I hope you will gain a deep love for yourself by bringing harmony and balance into your life through the healing power of yoga.

Favorite teachers:

Saul David Raye, John Algarme, John Childers

Favorite yoga pose and why:

This is a very hard question. I have so many favorite poses! Right now it is my headstand. This has been a very challenging pose for me for several years on many levels. When I could finally move into a headstand without the wall it was a huge uplifting moment for me. I really feel a connection to the earth through my head and such lightness and freedom up to the sky through my legs and feet. It is such a deep and quiet pose. I love the feeling of stillness in this pose.


Matt Spencer

Hometown: Born in Long Beach, raised in the OC, and I've lived all around the country


  • 200 hr. YogaWorks
  • 300 hr. YogaWorks
  • 200 hr. Foundation for YogaTherapy with Gary Kraftsow
  • 300 hr. Yoga Therapy training with Gary Kraftsow - but I'm 1/2 way done.

What to expect in my classes:

My classes are breath centric, with an emphasis on creating an energetic effect. I like to offer a safe yet challenging class with a compassionate and therapeutic tone. I am rooted in the tradition of the Yoga Sutras and the teachings of Krishnamacharya, and I recognize that each one of us is uniquely different with different needs and abilities. There may be components of Viniyoga, Astanga, Flow, or Anusara, but, in the end, it always comes back to the breath. I am interested in using the tools of yoga to help people become well, expand their consciousness, and to access their own source of unlimited potential.

Favorite teachers:

Gary Kraftsow, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Juris Zinbergs, Lindsey Davis.

Favorite yoga pose and why:

Lotus - as it was in the beginning...

Sati Ah

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA – London England – Long Beach, CA

Training: I began my path of yoga during an extended trip to India. I educated myself by becoming teacher trained in 4 yoga's, Hatha, Kundalini, Tao and Tibetan and 2 esoteric traditions of Sufism and Tantra. Due to my deep love of yoga I embarked on a journey of sharing knowledge and experience with others. This journey has led me teach yoga both nationally (CA, CO, NJ) and internationally (England, Australia).

  • Certified International Yoga Alliance at ERYT 500 level (with over 5000 hours teaching experience)
  • Level 3 Reiki as Reiki Master
  • Certified in Artform Bodycode

What to expect in my classes:

My style is hands on, so you can expect to be shown how to deepen the pose based on from where you are in that moment. I like to be sure that the student can experience “flow” by matching their skills with enough challenge to take them a little beyond where they thought they could go. Sweat, smile and stretch your way to Bliss.

Favorite teachers:

Tim Miller,  Richard Freeman, Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche, Lama Tenzin Rinpoche, Swami Rudrananda

Favorite yoga pose:

Virabhadrasana ll

Jenni Brandon

Hometown: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, then moved across the country to Austin, Texas then Los Angeles, and now consider Long Beach my home (since 2006).

Training: I have been regularly practicing yoga since 2010. In November 2012 I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Kava Yoga, and during the summer of 2013 I completed my 85 hour Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Jennifer More.  I continue to deepen my practice through weekly yoga classes and workshops.

RYT 200 through Yoga Alliance
RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance
B.M. Music composition – West Chester University, PA
M.M. Music Composition – University of Texas at Austin
Graduate work in Music Composition- University of Southern California

What to expect in my classes:

I believe in a supportive and precise focus to my teaching and sequencing through themes, providing guidance in the breath, the movements, and the alignment of poses. I like to incorporate the yogic philosophies into my classes, offering not only guidance to help students set an intention in class, but to encourage students to use this intention and focus in their daily lives.  As a music composer and conductor I believe in the power of music and words and I incorporate not only a variety of music in my classes, but I will also usually close my classes with a mantra.

Favorite teachers:

Cindy Zackney, Andrea Morgan, Sati Ah

Favorite yoga pose and why:

Bakasana – this “gateway” pose to other arm balances has it all – focus on the breath, heart reaching forward, and that wonderful feeling of flying!

Kim Wolff

Hometown: Long Beach

Training: 2008 Hatha yoga certification with Saul David Raye in Venice, CA; 2009 Meditation & Ayurveda immersion in Bangalore, India; 2010 Thai yoga massage therapy certification in Chiang Mai, Thailand

What to expect in my classes:

I teach a unique form of holistic yoga that combines traditional hatha philosophy and postures with a focus on breath work and fluid movement. I also incorporate elements from the tantric, kundalini, and Thai yoga therapy traditions creating a form of yoga that addresses all levels of the human experience; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each class is pleasantly challenging and infused with a soulful, playful spirit that leaves the body and mind feeling strengthened, relaxed and revitalized and the soul joyful. It is very rare that I plan a class sequence in advance of teaching, as I prefer to work with the energy and changing dynamics that are inherent in each individual and each class. This spontaneous approach makes for classes that are ever-changing and always fresh. To learn more about me and my mission, feel free to visit my website at www.chrysalisyogainfo.com

Favorite teachers:

Saul David Raye (yoga and meditation), Banafsheh Sayaad (dance), David Watts (shamanism) Tony Khalife (mantra and music) and Siva Mohan and James Bailey (ayurveda)

Favorite yoga pose and why:

Reclining bound angle pose! It opens the heart, the hips and the spine all at the same time, brings a feeling of deep relaxation, release and rejuvenation and allows for focus on expansion of the breath and opening of the lines of energy throughout the body.

Anna Lutey

Hometown: Fenton, Michigan. Midwest, REPRESENT!

Training: Kava Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

What to expect in my classes:

Students can expect a vigorous, playful and balanced practice. The physical practice of yoga is an opportunity to take a break from our frenetic environments, settle the mind by bringing attention to the breath and lighten up by being content with where we are at as yogis and as people. I aim to create an experience that allows people to feel good, balanced and grateful.

Favorite teachers:

Cindy Zackney and Andrea Morgan, of course! I also really enjoy the sense of humor Kathryn Budig brings to her classes, Stephanie Snyder’s approach to sequencing and Seane Corne’s ability to connect the spiritual and physical practice.

Favorite yoga pose and why:

Uttanasana or Standing Forward Fold because my hamstrings need all the help they can get! It also calms my mind and improves digestion. I often sneak in several uttanasana’s while I’m at the office. Uttanasana next to the copier, anyone? It is a great mind and body break from the day-to-day activities of the office.

seasonal tips

Vata Season

In the Fall, Vata influences everyone with dryness and colder temperatures. Stay warm, eat nourishing cooked veggies, slow down and establish routines to calm the scattered mind & anxiety caused by excess Vata.


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