Why choose Kava Yoga

Make your yoga practice “Personal”

As your body changes, as the seasons change, and as your life evolves, Kava offers workshops and classes to guide you through those changes in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga. Once you connect to what’s right for you as an individual, the choices you make about food, yoga classes, meditation style, beauty and health products, retreats and wellness services will become super easy. And the ability to keep yourself in balance will become second nature.

You are unique!

You’re an individual with ever-evolving needs that change depending on the time of day, month year, or phase of your life. At Kava we don’t just offer classes with vague names like “All Levels” and say “good luck with that!” According to the ancient wisdom of yoga, one size does not fit all. Yoga should be personalized as much as possible for each unique individual.

Yoga Advisors are here to help

We’ll help you pick classes with the right style, schedule and pace, optimized for your lifestyle and your own personal health goals. Feel free to call us with any questions about how to get started, what particular class is the right level for you, or any other questions: 562-434-8888