Yoga in your workplace.

You supply the conference room and the employees, we’ll show up. We can teach class anytime: lunch break, morning or after work at 5pm.

Our classes focus on stretching, strengthening, mindful breathing and meditating. We use plain language that is not woo-woo (teaching in an office is a different environment and audience than teaching in a yoga studio. We get this.)

Client references available. We are certified, well-trained and insured.

If you’re reading this page, you already know the benefits of providing yoga to your employees. But just in case you need to convince your boss, check out this Time Magazine article about yoga in the workplace.

Pricing depends on how far we are traveling, how frequently the classes are held, how long your company wants to commit to yoga classes, each class duration, etc. Please contact us for more information. Ball-park estimate: $125/hour for up to 15 employees.


Kava Yoga owner, Cindy Zackney, worked for 20 yrs in the corporate world, teaching yoga on the side until 2009 when she quit and founded Kava Yoga. She holds an MBA, as well as numerous yoga teaching certifications. She understands like few other yoga teachers that bringing yoga into the workplace is a delicate balance: relating to the experience of corporate employees while bringing the benefits of yoga in an approachable way. If scheduling conflicts mean she cannot personally teach the class, she will send a well-qualified teacher who she has directly trained to chat with you about your workplace yoga classes.